Electric cars are not environmentally friendly

It may have escaped your notice, ahem, but I am an environment campaigner but what many of you may not have known is that I am also a bit of a petrol head. I know! I know! How can I be environmental AND a petrol head? Well the truth is I can’t and I am trying hard to kick the petrol habit. I cycle as much as it is possible for someone living 25 miles from their place of work, which is on the opposite side of the city where I live. If its not practical to use the cycle I use a motorbike and if that’s not practical I use my car which is kept on the drive for most of the time,

So it was with some excitement that I started thinking that perhaps I could keep my green credentials AND get myself a new car if I bought one of the new electric cars on the market. But being the cautious man that I am I carried out a little research into them first.

My research has shown that, much to my regret, that electric cars are not environmentally friendly. I know a lot of you out there will say duh! But I didn’t know.

The manufacturing process of new cars is a huge contributor to global pollution, probably the same or even worse of normal petrol driven cars due to the battery manufacturing process.

They are not even convenient, A recent advert stated that their car did the equivalent of 359 mpg. Failing to state that the number of charges to achieve that number of miles would be around 7 full charges. Most electric car ranges are only around 50 – 70 miles, which in my case would seriously worry me as my round trip, without deviation, is 27 miles each way, not to mention sitting in slow moving traffic jams.

Electricity is still, in the most part, produced from burning fossil fuels, so unless you have your energy supply from a wind farm you are still contributing to global warming.

After 6 – 7 years the battery will need replacing, adding £7000 to the cost of running the car over the years, equal to £1000 per year.

I added the cost of charging the battery, around £6 per week, £24 per month to the cost of replacing the battery (£83 per month) (not to mention the environmental damage done during the manufacture of the replacement) and it comes out at £107 per month, which is more than it costs me to have a train pass and cycle. Add the manufacturing environmental damage and I think it looks a bit bleak.

So I think I will stick to the train and cycling and wait until they get round to producing a car that really is environmentally friendly.

London Olympics

The London Olympics are slowly drawing to a close and tonight we were treated to something very special indeed. Tonight we saw an Olympic first and I am not talking about the fantastic achievement of Bolt. No I am talking about Nicola Adams, the first woman ever to win a gold medal in women’s boxing and she was a very worthy winner as well. This young lady from Yorkshire came into the ring with her heroes, Mohammed Ali and Sugar Ray, fixed firmly in her mind of who she wanted to live up to. And live up to them she did in a fight that saw her knock her opponent to the floor before storming to a resounding points win.

In the interview after the match she never stopped smiling and I think her smile was the most genuine and infectious one I have seen during the Olympic games.

Well done Nicola you made us proud and took a huge step forward in Olympic history.

Olympic football

Two Olympic football matches down and one to go. So far the teams I have wanted to win have not and I am yet to see a goal to cheer. Football is like that, it can be frustrating and annoying and that is what it has been for me. I watched Japan v Honduras which finished 0-0 then tonight I saw GB women loose 2 nil to Canada.

Out of the two the Japan game was the more entertaining, not because it was better football, because it wasn’t but because the Japanese fans were so wonderful.


Tonight’s game was sad because the British girls had such a great run of things but came up against such a strong Canadian side.