78 years after Jarrow

In October 1936 over 200 men from the town of Jarrow came together to march the 300 miles to London to deliver a petition to the government of the day. The depression had hit the working class of Britain very hard and the government of the time had done little or nothing to help those thrust into poverty.

The men marched because their families were starving as there was no work and the level of support from the welfare was no where near enough to keep body and soul together.

The shipyards in which the men worked was closed due to the depression and was eventually sold off and asset stripped by the new owners National Shipbuilders Securities, a government organisation.

Today we are facing a very similar situation, people starving in ghettos in cities outside of the prosperous South East. The right wing government is doing nothing to help generate work and is systematically cutting welfare benefits to those on the bread line.

Do we really have to wait until hundreds of starving people feel that the only way to effect change is to march on London?

The austerity of the 1930’s led to a rise in fascism and so it seems it is doing the same today with the rise of the far right groups like UKIP. These groups, just like the Nazis in Germany, are using non-native people as scape goats, build fear and dislike. And just like in Germany it can lead to dehumanising whole groups and maybe even crimes against them.

The left wing of this country needs to get to grips with the far right and to realise they are the biggest foe this country has.